Usually this event is held during the festivities on the holiday.
Game rules are very simple - you want to knock the opponent's bag off the beam.
Sabantuy (tat. Sabantuy, Saban Thue — "feast of the plow") is an annual public holiday end of spring field work among the Tatars and Bashkirs.
The origins of Sabantui celebration goes back to antiquity and are linked to the agrarian cult. The original purpose of this ceremony probably was coaxing the spirits of fertility, in order to foster a good harvest in the new year.
According to some studies, this ancient holiday has ancient history. So even in the 921 year of the Christian era it was described in the writings of the famous Explorer Ibn Fadlan, who arrived in Bulgar as an Ambassador from Baghdad. In 1979 F. S. by Khakimzyanov in Alkeyevsky district of Tatarstan, was discovered the only epitaph of the Bulgar period, presumably 1292, containing the inscription "Saban tuj kon ati" — "the Day of Sabantuy.

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