According to legend, kabis created the legendary Korkyt ATA, the great shaman and skazatel steppes, who lived in the eighth - ninth centuries. Korkut, the legendary father of music, the song Creator on the earth. The legend says that Korkut, from the youth are not able to come to terms with the transience of human life, decided to seek immortality on earth. In my travels around the world he never found the answer to the eternal questions of life and death. Everywhere in their wanderings, he has seen death : in the woods - rotten and fallen tree in the steppe feather grass, burnt under the sun that even the powerful mountains told him about the impending destruction, always adding that Taco is the end of waiting and Korkut. Returning to their native shores of the Syr-Darya river, Korkut made a tool by gouging out a piece of durable coniferous juniper wood. The lower part of the body it pulled the skin a sacrificed camel. Upper bowl-shaped part remained open. Pulled the strings and began to play, pouring out his painful thoughts and feelings. He put his whole soul in these melodies, and wonderful sounds of his strings sounded for all the world, came to the people, seized and captured them. Since ringtones Korkut and his kobyz went to roam the earth, and the name of Korkyt remain immortal in the strings kobyz and in the hearts of people.

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