The wolves were the worst enemies of the nomads, as they can cause a great damage to the livestock. Accordingly, killing the wolf was a great success and joy. The head of the predator were presented by the head of the family, and carcass at the mercy of the audience. Accordingly, quite often there is a struggle between the zhigit, who carry the head. So this struggle has evolved over time into the game. Wolf was sometimes replaced by a headless carcass of a goat.
There are two options Kokpar. In the first embodiment, in the struggle to participate zhigit from two different villages, and the struggle for the carcass under way between the villages. This variant of wrestling called Dada-tartys. A second version of the struggle for the carcass may be carried out by zhigit one village among themselves. In this case, the winner will be the one zhigit, and the struggle in this case is called jalpa-tartys. Kokpar is very popular in our days.

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