Towns — an old Slavic game, which has a history of several centuries. This game was popular among the common people, and among the aristocracy. Many prominent people of Russia was fond of towns. We can say that towns is a part of Russian history and culture.
The figure is made up of five towns — a round wooden chocks. Set the figure in the "town" square 2X2 M. Kick it in the sticks special — bits.
Before "city" is "the suburbs" — the area bounded free-kick line, "mustache" and front line city."
All city figures, except for "closed letters", placed in the middle of the front line, so that the front part they did not extend over the edge of the city." Towns should fit snugly to each other.
The whole figure beat it with a Kona. But only manages to knock out at least one town pieces, the player is entitled to beat with Polyana — from a distance of less than half. And only "the letter" stands out from Kona, and at first it is necessary to clear the "brand" is the Central town.
The town is considered to be broken if it is completely out of the "city" at the rear or side line and also the line "moustache". If the town is re-rolled, it is still broken. When the town went flying forward, it is placed parallel to the foul line at a distance of 20 cm from it and beat Polyana.
Wins the player or the team that will spend the least number of bits for the entire game.

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